Knick Knack Paddy Whack: give the girl a room


STEP THREE:  I really wanted to display photos and saw a great idea for doing this in the archive room.  My husband made some wood frames for sheet metal so I could attach photos with magnets.  We distressed the frames and painted them a flat brown.  I was able to change out the photos frequently and give all the ancestors their moment on the wall of fame

connie ward girl with a past genealogy blog photos sheet metal frames magnets

The finishing touch was the family tree I designed.  It not only displayed my ancestors, but also my husband’s.

connie ward girl with a past genealogy blog family tree apples basket swing leaves

The three baskets were for each of our three daughters and their families.  The swings indicated which side was for my ancestors and which side was my husband’s. I asked my daughter, Brenda, to paint the tree on the wall, but she had a better idea – torn paper!

connie ward girl with a past genealogy blog family tree apples leaves basket swing

I eventually transferred the tree to a piece of heavy, clear vinyl and held it on the wall with thumb tacks.

I loved this little archive room and my grandchildren spent lots of time there.  But some items were missing — the trunk, my mother-in-law’s table, some vintage lamps, the tools, and other larger items.  And I kept finding more heirlooms that I had forgotten about.  What to do?  My family knows I love change, in fact I thrive on it, so watch for my next post, the final (maybe) installment of Knick Knack Paddy Whack.