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I never thought I would be a “blogger.”  I didn’t want to, I didn’t know how, and I didn’t have time!  But friends and family kept saying I had a lot to offer the genealogy community, and after attending RootsTech 2014 I decided to jump on yet another wagon and see how far it would take me.  As long as the wheels don’t fall off and I don’t hit too many ruts, I’ll keep going.

I have loved being involved in genealogy research since 1975 (yes, I’m ancient).  I like to do it, talk about it, organize it, take classes about it, and teach others to do it.  I also love to organize things (and people!).  I look for simple, cute, and easy ways to keep my home in order and free up time for my projects.  I love to camp and read (at the same time) and I’m attached at the hip to my laptop (even when I’m camping).  I try not to take life’s ups and downs too seriously and I can find humor in almost everything.  If I’m not laughing, I’m not living!

I spoil eight fantastic grandchildren (the “littles” who are 9, 10, 11, and 12, and the “bigs” who are 15, 16, 17, and 20).  I hang out with three amazing daughters who love me, three smarty-pants sons-in-law who think I’m wacky, and a wonderful husband who helps around the house and tries to stay out of my way!  I am blessed beyond measure for sure!BeFunky_003


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Mountain Genealogy Retreat

Last year I started something new – a monthly overnight genealogy retreat held at my home through the good weather months.  I love to teach genealogy, so this was so much fun for me.  There were 30 women and teens who joined me in groups of 3 to 12!

Connie Ward girl with a past genealogy retreat Eden Utah journaling life story family history research organization

One of our retreat groups taking a break!

I edited and refined the materials until I was able to present the important basics of everything pertaining to genealogy in a short period of time.  I taught organizing documents and pictures, writing journals and life stories, researching and navigating mega websites, understanding census records, telling and recording stories, and much more.  By the time each event was finished and the last guest had walked out the door, I was exhausted, but sad to see it end.  We shared incredible life lessons through our stories, we laughed and cried together, and we each left with a desire to connect with ancestors and loved ones.  Everyone went home with a binder full of printed information on everything that was taught.

This summer’s retreats are filling up, but I still have a few openings for June 22-23 and I could take two or three more people on August 31-September 1.

I am also willing to set up other weekends if you have a group of friends who want to attend together.  So if you live in decent proximity to Eden, Utah (or even if you don’t – I have had guests from Texas and California), and you would like to jump start or fine tune your genealogy yearnings, please contact me and let’s do it!  The cost for materials,  comfortable beds and good food is $50.  The friendship, laughter, and tears are free!

Since we never purchase anything without reading the reviews, here are a couple:

This is a wonderful opportunity, so glad I was able to attend the last one. Connie’s hospitality and knowledge of the subject are off the chart!! – Marianne

I was lucky enough to attend the first retreat. Wonderful information by an incredible mentor and friend. – Dixie

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