My Peeps

Meet my dead friends – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws.  They are the base of my research.  My maternal lines are heavily researched by a huge family organization with paid professionals and by the people from my small hometown, most of whom are related to me.  So I have concentrated on my paternal lines, Bronson and Wilcox.  Luckily I have no Smiths, Johnsons, Jones, or Browns – and only one John and Mary!

George Amos Bronson & Marguerite Wilcox
William Button Bronson & Hannah Orinda Pettingill
Clinton Doneral Bronson & Lovisa Andrews
Leman Bronson & Lucy Brass
Amos Betts Andrews & Keturah Button
James Andrews & Betsey Betts
Charles Andrews & Belinda L/Caroline Percival
Catherine Andrews & William Thompson
Lewis Andrews & Lucy Potter
Julia Ann Andrews & Cornelius McCracken
Margaret Andrews & Washington G. Williams
Susan Andrews & George Lovell
Betsey Andrews & Alfred Cook

Charles Emery Wilcox & Eliza Snow Lyon
Newell Reuben Wilcox & Amanda Malvinnie Bennett
Dimmick Bennett & Julia Pease Filer (2nd husband, Hoxsie)
Augusta Bennett & William J. Burnett
Dwight Washington Bennett & Arrilla Pearl Powell
George Albert Wilcox & Ellen Margaret Myers
John Franklin Wilcox & Catherine Melinda Myers
Bert Augustus Wilcox & Anna Belle McPhail
Newell Reuben Wilcox Jr. & Cora Belle Krebbs
Roswell Wilcox & Naomi Bassett
Whitman Calvin Wilcox & Ann Elizabeth Foster
Martin V. Wilcox & Eliza Osborn
Ann Elizabeth Wilcox & James B. Foster
Lovisa Maria Wilcox & Edwin O. Hyde
Charles P. Wilcox & Cynthia M. Hardy
John Edward Wilcox & Melissa Mary Buck
John Wilcox & Mary Crosby
John Wilcox Jr. & Melinda Palmer
Charlotte Wilcox & Morton Porter Crosby
Henrietta Wilcox & Archibald Penney
Jeremiah Wilcox & Melinda Abbe
Samuel Wilcox & Deborah Smith
Hiram Wilcox & someone unknown
Oliver Wilcox & Hannah Barnes
Mary Wilcox & Stephen Townsend
Charles D. Wilcox & Barbara Wilkes
Polly Wilcox


2 thoughts on “My Peeps

    • Oliver’s parents are John Wilcox and Mary Crosby. You can find this line on Oliver’s ID is 2CY7-F15. Hannah’s parents may have bene Paletiah Barnes and Lydia Blaisdell, but I have not proven that. Oliver died when they lived in Cleveland (1872) and Hannah may have married a Cunningham and had a daughter, Celestine. This part is still a mystery! Hannah ended up in Three Oaks, MI, where she died in 1870 at age 74. She is buried in Galena. This is not the information that was handed down by Oliver’s brother’s family, but in my research I believe Hannah went to Michigan. I have done descendency research on this family and identified many of Oliver and Hannah’s posterity. It is still a work in progress, however. Are you a descendant of Hannah?


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