Diggin Up Roots: lost and found

This post is one I didn’t plan to write – until this weekend’s traumatic event involving computer and quick finger!  Last year at RootsTech I was introduced to Backblaze.  I had been using another cloud backup service, but Backblaze is only $5 per month for unlimited service, so I switched.  I had lost a gazillion music files when my external hard drive just gave up the ghost a year ago, so I had already learned that lesson.  Yes, I have a new external hard drive, but I don’t trust it, so letting someone else backup my computer was a better choice for me.

This weekend I had to rely on Backblaze and they came through.  On Friday I temporarily installed a software program on my desktop for one of the grandkids.  There were several icons installed.  On Saturday, I wanted to get all of that software off my desktop and I saw the “uninstall” button and clicked on it (without really paying attention or reading the fine print).  Suddenly, every file saved on my desktop was gone, lost for good!  I know, I know, I shouldn’t have kept important stuff on the desktop, but I was accessing it every day, all day, and it was just easier – all of my blog ideas, pictures and instructions, but most importantly EVERY FILE on the children’s genealogy book I’m writing!  I nearly had a heart attack!  After frantically searching and determining that it was all really lost, I tried to do a system restore, but for some reason that failed – a couple of times.  I was getting all kinds of messages with the words “corrupt, invalid, error,” etc.

Then suddenly I remembered – BACKBLAZE!  My internet connection isn’t the world’s finest, but it’s all I can get, so it did take some time to restore those files, and I had to do it in small chunks, but finally this morning everything was found and is back on my computer, so I am very grateful!!! I am also making a reminder to back up my genealogy on my external drive at least weekly and especially before I install or uninstall any software.

So my message today is simple:  Make Sure You Have a Cloud Backup!  There are several services and many reviews written about them.  Do your homework, pick one, and get some peace of mind.


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